Mythic Arena

Old meets new in this hybrid Arena experience!

Based on scraping 128 games in this playlist, we've found the following maps and modes:

Disclaimer: randomness in the data source can account for different weightings for each map or mode. Your mileage may vary.

Game Type Map Games Counted
Mythic Capture the Flag Abyss 15
Mythic Slayer Cryptic 14
Mythic Slayer Frontier 14
Mythic Slayer Goliath 12
Mythic Slayer Oracle 12
Mythic Slayer Abyss 9
Mythic Oddball Cryptic 8
Mythic Assault Oracle 8
Mythic Capture the Flag Vengeance 7
Mythic Slayer Vengeance 7
Mythic Assault Abyss 6
Mythic Capture the Flag Oracle 6
Mythic Oddball Frontier 5
Mythic Oddball Goliath 4
Mythic Oddball Vengeance 1