Team Skirmish

Kick back with a wide variety of maps and game types where teams of 4 fight to control objectives, capture flags, score goals, and eliminate enemies.

Based on scraping 74 games in this playlist, we've found the following maps and modes:

Disclaimer: randomness in the data source can account for different weightings for each map or mode. Your mileage may vary.

Game Type Map Games Counted
Slayer Regret 7
Slayer Plaza 7
Slayer The Rig 5
Strongholds Orion II 5
Slayer Coliseum 4
Slayer Truth 4
Capture the Flag Tyrant 4
Slayer White Cell 4
Assault Coliseum 3
Strongholds Eden 3
Assault Fathom 3
Slayer Pegasus II 3
Strongholds Pegasus II 3
Strongholds Molten 3
Assault Truth 3
Capture the Flag Truth 3
Slayer Orion II 2
Slayer Mercy 2
Strongholds Mercy 2
Assault Empire 1
Capture the Flag Coliseum 1
Strongholds Coliseum 1
Capture the Flag Regret 1