Core Play

Prove your mettle in Halo 5's core offering by slaying your enemies and capturing objectives! Modes include Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Oddball.

Based on scraping 450 games in this playlist, we've found the following maps and modes:

Disclaimer: randomness in the data source can account for different weightings for each map or mode. Your mileage may vary.

Game Type Map Games Counted
Capture the Flag Coliseum 58
Slayer The Rig 53
Slayer Mercy 36
Oddball Plaza 30
Slayer Eden 29
Strongholds Empire 29
Oddball Eden 28
Capture the Flag Truth 26
Strongholds Eden 24
Slayer Plaza 23
Slayer Coliseum 22
Strongholds Plaza 21
Capture the Flag Stasis 20
Capture the Flag Fathom 19
Slayer Truth 17
Strongholds The Rig 15