Community Slayer

We’ve partnered up with Forgers to bring additional community-created maps to matchmaking. Team up and take down your opponents in Slayer matches on fan-made arenas.

Based on scraping 308 games in this playlist, we've found the following maps and modes:

Disclaimer: randomness in the data source can account for different weightings for each map or mode. Your mileage may vary.

Game Type Map Games Counted
Slayer Analogue 45
Slayer Echelon 43
Slayer Russet 42
Slayer Fissure 40
Slayer Data Center 37
Slayer Furnace 35
Slayer Seclusion 32
Slayer Vestige 30
Slayer Tourist Trap 2
Slayer Transit 1
Slayer Fullmetal 1